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Creative Journey

Elevate your creative mind through daily scientifically proven, habit-building exercises.

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Creative Morning

Upskill your team’s creative thinking through weekly science-driven creative practices.

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Creative Workshops

Empower your team to drive outstanding results with custom-tailored creativity workshops

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Profound Impact

Lia’s leadership to nurturing creativity has had a profound impact on our team’s innovation and problem-solving abilities, which resulted in tangible improvements in our projects.

Innovation Spark

Lia, is an exceptional expert in creativity and her workshop exceeded my expectations. It was an extraordinary journey that equipped us with invaluable tools to foster innovation within my team.

Creativity Boost

Working alongside Lia has been an absolute delight. Our creativity morning sessions served as a much-needed boost to our creativity and acted as a mental stimulus throughout the week.

Cognitive Stimuli

This was a very beneficial and fun course and I would highly recommend it if you’d like to gain some awareness of how creativity links into even ‘non-creative’ jobs.

Inspiration Revival

I had the inner child awakened and felt that my brain was opening up parts I had long forgotten about. Also, I felt I needed that ‘extra’ something in my life, so I started practicing yoga again and even playing piano. 

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