Creative Journey

Start your Creative Journey and Set Your Creative Mind Free!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the limitless realm of creativity? Look no further than Creative Journey a captivating program designed for individuals like you who are eager to nurture and awaken their inner creative genius through daily habit-building exercises.

Imagine a life where creativity knows no bounds.

This program offers a delightful and engaging path to awakening your creative mind. You don’t need any prior knowledge or a closet full of art supplies—just 5 to 10 minutes of your daily routine will be sufficient. It’s time to let your imagination soar and embrace the magic of creativity.

What Awaits You? A Weekly Adventure into Creative Flow

Each week “Creative Journey” program dives deep into dedicated themes and skills crafted to foster the growth of creative problem-solving and divergent thinking abilities. The program is tailored to nurture emotional intelligence and foster open-mindedness, guiding you in breaking free from conventional thought patterns and embracing a fresh perspective. It encourages honing your observational skills, sharpening your senses to uncover inspiration in all aspects of life. Through the exploration of your imagination’s boundless potential, you’ll discover the profound depths of your creativity. This journey is all about playful experimentation, self-awareness, and an expanded perspective, leading you toward discovering your unique creative mindset.

Brace yourself for a dynamic creative journey!

How does the program work and what to expect?
  • Daily Creativity: Each day, you’ll receive short and engaging creative exercise right in your mailbox. These exercises are designed to help you develop your creative thinking.

  • Additional Content Recommendations: Throughout the program, you’ll also receive recommendations for additional content. These resources are carefully curated to complement your creative journey and expand your horizons.

  • Personalized Guidance: As part of the program, you’ll have the unique opportunity for a one-on-one video call with the creative expert, Lia Mkhitaryan. These sessions, lasting approximately 15 minutes each, are tailored to your specific needs. Lia will provide personalized insights and guidance to enhance your creative thinking.

Key benefits

Positive habit-building

Program’s daily, short exercises enable the rapid development of habits that foster your creative growth.

Proven scientific methodology

Program’s artistic exercises have a solid scientific foundation, proven to enhance creativity with just 10 minutes a day.

Endless source of creativity and inspiration

Find joy, inspiration, and expand your creative horizons within the mundane routines of your daily life.

Curious to explore your creative potential?

Begin your transformative journey!