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Some Love From Clients

Eili Mandul
Head of Finance and People

Lia Mkhitaryan has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills in fostering creativity within our team during our Creativity Morning sessions. Her guidance and leadership have not only encouraged our team members to think outside the box but have also resulted in tangible improvements in our projects. Her dedication to nurturing a creative environment has had a profound impact on our team’s innovation and problem-solving abilities. We are truly appreciative of the valuable work she has done with our team members.

Anna Grigoryan
Product Lead

I had the pleasure of attending an engaging creative morning session facilitated by Lia, an exceptional expert in art and creativity. We had a Product and UX  leadership meetup and I was eager to find an innovative approach to foster our team’s creative potential. Lia’s workshop not only met but exceeded my expectations, leaving the entire team enthralled and starting the day on a positive note. 

Lia effortlessly broke the ice with a series of interactive and enjoyable exercises that not only encouraged active participation but also ignited our creative juices. Each exercise was thoughtfully designed to unlock the hidden depths of creativity within each participant. Lia’s skillful guidance led us through activities that pushed us beyond conventional boundaries, urging us to explore unconventional perspectives. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Lia’s services to any organisation or individual seeking to establish a creative and positive environment. Her workshop was an extraordinary journey that invigorated my own creative spirit and equipped me with invaluable tools to foster innovation within my team.

Raili Raidvee
HR Specialist
SK ID Solutions

Working alongside Lia Mkhitaryan has been an absolute delight. Our collaboration included a series of creativity mornings that encompassed a wide range of practices aimed at fostering creative thinking and expanding our outlook. These weekly sessions served as a much-needed boost to our creativity and acted as a mental stimulus throughout the week.

Engaging with art in a meaningful and intentional manner was a wonderful experience, as it not only created a collaborative team environment but also introduced a fresh dynamic to our team. Each creative morning not only entertained and uplifted our spirits but also provided us with new insights and skills in various creative domains, such as creative writing, drawing, and design thinking. These were experiences that we rarely had the opportunity to indulge in on our own.

Lia’s creative guidance and infectious energy were truly contagious, ensuring a wonderfully creative, joyous, and inspiring atmosphere during each creative morning. We wholeheartedly recommend Lia to other companies, as her creativity and innovation are guaranteed to bring a positive impact.

Noemi Nikoghosyan
Senior Project Manager

Having a hobby or doing anything outside of work is crucial, it gives a chance to fulfil yourself through other means. Sometimes I would mistakenly think that I need to allocate a lot of time to that ‘other thing’ at least an hour per sitting and finding the whole one hour is so damn hard, so I kept postponing. Besides the other fact that normally I would think that if I spend time on something it should take me somewhere to an accomplishment or certificate you name it. But sometimes doing a thing just for fun, or just because you wanted to try that out is totally fine.

I got involved in the ‘test’ program out of curiosity, I wanted to know what it includes, how will that go and.. well the impact on me. Each assignment was different and each made me think differently from a different angle and it was very enjoyable. I had the inner child awakened, that fun little girl who enjoyed drawing, didn’t care if she did it well. I wrote a short story and discovered that you can express so much when writing in so many different colourful ways. I sort of felt that my brain was moving and opening up parts I had forgotten long ago. So it took 10-15 minutes daily and I enjoyed those minutes and waited for the next assignment.

But what was more important I felt I needed that something ‘extra’ in my life and so I started practising yoga again and even playing on piano. Overall that made my day to be filled with more experiences and I felt a balance between routine that I had to do and fun I get to do.

Emaan Ahmed
BSc Psychology

My name is Emaan, and I am a BSc Psychology with Business Management graduate from the University of Sussex. I took part in this creativity course during my final year of my degree in 2023. I saw an ad for this on LinkedIn and instantly the course stood out to me as I had never seen a creativity course being advertised as a professional skill. It was a 3-week course in which everyday I was sent an activity to complete which would usually take about 10 minutes in total.

These tasks were very different to any other mindfulness/creativity tasks I’d done before and ranged from writing fairy tales from a different perspective and drawing images upside down. After the tasks, I had a weekly catchup with Lia who would explain the psychology behind each task and how it triggers certain creative brain cells in you, which was really interesting to learn about.

My favourite task was having to draw 20 circles random in sizes on a piece of paper and turning them into different objects. This might sound really simple but it’s surprising how after the first 5-6 circles you completely forget what else is circle shaped in the world haha! It was a task I even got my mates at work to do as I was curious what their minds would turn the circles into.

Overall, this was a very beneficial and fun course and I would highly recommend it if you’d like to gain some awareness of how creativity links into even ‘non-creative’ jobs!