Creative Morning

Discover the massive impact that creative thinking can have on your company.

The Creative Morning is a unique program of interactive, hands-on and science driven artistic practices put together to push through creative boundaries. The program is designed to encourage out-of-box thinking and growth mindset, break thinking patterns, help generate disruptive ideas, push creative boundaries and tap into imagination and intuition. The program has been successfully run in multiple companies across various industries and countries and thoroughly tailored to meet the needs of the companies and ensure employee satisfaction

Through a diverse array of creative practices, individuals not only develop creative mindset and build creative problem-solving skills, but also increase their emotional intelligence, and cultivate self-awareness.

The creative sessions are subdivided in five categories providing the participants with a set of instructions and exercises to develop creative problem solving skills, encourage divergent thinking, enhance open-mindedness and risk taking skills as well as help find inspiration in their daily environments. The exercises range from artistic practices and other forms of creative outlets, various types of brainstorming, mind mapping, design thinking as well as structured play and “gamification” to encourage experimentation and exploration.

The sessions are designed to cultivate creative thinking habits and routines that individuals can practice beyond the sessions.


Your Questions About Creative Mornings, Answered!

How many people can participate?

The optimal number of participants per session is 20-30 people.

What is the typical layout of the creative morning sessions?

The sessions are 30 minutes long and run in hybrid format allowing the participants to join within the premises of the offices alone, in groups and/or remotely. Each session is comprised of up to 3-4 diverse creative and artistic activities. The content of each session is a “surprise” for the participants in order to avoid having any preconditioned mindset before the sessions and have an increased the feel-good experience.

What kind of exercises are conducted during the sessions?

The sessions are built based on the best practices, key learning points and little secret of artistic domains: drawing, painting, handcraft, writing, designing combined with idea generating techniques and design thinking tools. Each session has a specific goal and the science behind each exercise is thoroughly explained thus helping the participants get the most out of every activity. 

How does Creative Weekly help bring the creative culture into the office? 

The culture of creativity is a collective effort contributed by each and every employee in the company. The creative mornings encourage employees embrace their open, creative and growth mindset and incorporate these skill in their work related decisions. Companies, prioritizing creative morning sessions automatically position themselves as companies promoting creative culture and valuing creative approach.

How often is it recommended to run the sessions? 

You get to decide how often you’d like to have the sessions. For the best results, it is recommended to run creative sessions on weekly basis, preferablt in mornings.

How long is it relevant to run the sessions? 

Creativity is a muscle that you build. There is no beginning and end date to it. But the minimum recommended duration to see results is at least 12 weeks. 

How can we track the progress of running the sessions? 

Every session is uniquely tailored, avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach. Every creative morning is meticulously designed to address the distinct requirements of each company. Every four weeks a feedback form is released for participants to fill out in order to create every upcoming session based on the participants’ feedback.

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