Lia is an accomplished global creativity and innovation consultant, founding director of the international Eiva Arts Foundation, artist, curator and art manager. Her extensive track record includes successfully creating and managing more than 70 international projects and campaigns across various countries, such as Armenia, the USA, Czech Republic, Malta, UK, France, Germany, Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, and Brazil. Throughout her career, she has forged partnerships and collaborations with numerous international organizations worldwide, spanning state governments, UN Agencies, and both public and private sectors.

Lia’s focus has been on championing creative communities, building interdisciplinary connections between art and tech domains as well as advocating for creativity and innovation in both public and private domains. Lia teaches and builds products that empower creativity and innovation for teams and brands around the world.

Given her vast expertise, Lia has become a relied-upon advisor and creative consultant for corporations and executives seeking guidance on cultivating a culture of creativity thinking and spirit of innovation translating ideas into actionable outcomes.

Outside of work, Lia paints, organizes exhibitions on international platforms, writes, studies foreign languages, photographs and practices every form of visual arts and storytelling.